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Ungaro vom Trocken Bach "Maui"


Whelp: May 24, 2017

Color: Schwschl.m. Pln

ZB.NR#: 0888/17 

Testing: D1, S l (Highest scoring Solms dog NADKC 2018), VGP1 (4h Search w/o duck), VBR, HN. FW: V, HD-Frei (HD-A2). 63/64 CM. 70lbs

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Sire: Uno KS vom Mausberg

D1, S1, VGP 1, Sw2/, HN, IKP 2, HD-A1


Dam: Maggie KS vom Trocken Bach

D1(j), S1, VGP 1 BTR, VBR, HN,  HD-A2, FW:V1 (x3). #1 Female at the Dr. Kleeman Prüfung

Maui is the type of DK that you dream about. He is beautifully constructed and equally talented. Maui’s trainability and cooperation allowed him to be successfully trained and ready for his Solms in under 7 weeks. He is a natural at everything he does. His main quality that defines him is his usage of nose. He is very nose driven. With that pointing and searching for crippled game both in the water and land are done with ease. Maui is a gentlemen's dog and is great with puppies and other dogs, but most importantly people. He makes fans where ever he goes. !
He is a nice size male measuring 64 cm (25 inches) and 65 lbs (@15 months). Notes from his Zuchtschau test included: Young male with nice male type head. Very good top and bottoms lines. Front and rear angulation excellent. Tail and croup excellent. Side movement excellent, Front and rear reach excellent. Confident and stable temperament.

MAUI was featured in the DKV International Film for DK's. view him at 18:10-18:36


Ungaro vom Trocken Bach @ 15 months old after being award a V rating at Utah Solms/AZP & Zuchtschau

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 6.59.12 PM.png

Maui at 21 months old 

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